Interview With Mr. Ashley Edward Miller!

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Make sure to swing by the Operation Save Sarah site HERE and check out the awesomeness that is the interview Between myself, Persiarose, T_1001 and the one, the only Mr. Ashley Edward Miller!! It was a great pleasure to talk to him and pick his brain, and we can’t thank him enough for taking some time to talk to us!

You can also download here: Miller Time

or stream here:


Save Sarah Connor Chronicles Mobile Billboard! – 9/21/09

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Well, We did it! We funded it, we helped pick the design, and now here it is!! The Save Sarah Connor Mobile Billboard!! – Day 1

Also click HERE for pictures

Scream and Prepare!

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For today’s mission, head on over to and check out today’s mission that we like to call, Scream and Prepare ! Keep on voting for Lena Headey, Shirley Manson, and TSCC at the Scream 2009 poll!

Also, Next week is going to be busy, so rest up, because starting Monday, we’re “Taking the Streets for Sarah Connor”. So prepare by printing out your Materials!

No Fate!

Postcard Day!

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The Freaking Big Push continues on as we keep fighting to save our show! Today is postcard day! Head on over to and while you’re there check out the Postcard Day section and see what YOU can do today to help make a difference!

Let’s DO this! – No Fate!

Thomas Dekker encourages FREAKING BIG PUSH!

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Be sure to head on over to to see a Message From Thomas Dekker

Day five: Twitter Day!

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Remember to head on over to and see what we have going on!! It’s Freaking Big and Right Out There!!

Tomorrow (sept, 6) is Twitter Day!! Will You Join Us?

We had a great turn out for our viewing parties this weekend so thank you to everyone that participated! It’s now Day Five of the Freaking Big Push and that brings us to… TWITTER DAY!

This one is SUPER easy. Just get on – or whatever Twitter widget or software you use – and add #tscc to all of your tweets. Let’s get T:SCC trending on Twitter! If you don’t have a twitter account but want to participate, just sign up! It’s a free service.

Tweet all day long – post on twitter your favorite quotes of SCC, your favorite moments, go ahead and theorize, make SCC conversation with other fans, just tweet hard, tweet fast, and tweet often! And make sure to add #tscc to everything you tweet today. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to follow us to keep up to date on everything Save the SCC.

Also be sure to follow
@theThomasDekker on Twitter and say hello!!

No Fate!!

Craigslist Day

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Craigslist Day!

We all know what Craigslist is – People in cities all around the world use it every day to post and view classifieds, personal ads and more. Make today The Sarah Connor Chronicles Day at Craigslist and spread the word. Post personal ads for your favourite characters, offer your cyborg termination services, put artifacts from the future on sale…whatever you can think of! Just be sure to make it clear that each post is an ad for T:SCC and won’t be mistaken for a legitimate offer.

Fore more info –

Go here: freaking big push/

and here: and classifieds samples/