I need your help!

Hi folks. I’m looking for some help. I’d like to go to Starfury
next June, with my my main motivation being the T2 event (or should I not be able to make it, that I would like to use any saved funds, toward Comic-Con and/or Dragon-Con next year instead) I wanted to see if you guys could help me with that.

I’m looking at an estimate of approx. $2,150 (between what I can save and any donations I receive)

($1500 for roundtrip airfare $300 for 3 day hotel stay – $150 for Starfury admission – & roughly $100-200 for extra autographs, etc for giveaways)

(While I will be saving every penny I can until then, any help I can get from my friends will be much appreciated.)  🙂

The good news is that everything I’m shooting for takes place in about a year, so there is no rush/pressure for anyone that wishes to contribute.

To return the favor, in addition to podcasting about it, I would plan on bringing back any goodies I can get a hold of, to use as giveaway items. (autographed items, T-shirts,  nick knacks, etc.) And any video/pictures I can get while I’m there.

Donate here:
Help me get to Starfury

p.s. Should I ultimately not be able to make it to Starfury (or the alternatives mentioned) All funds can either be payed back to the donors, held onto for things like podcast giveaways, or  donated to charity, etc.


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