Day five: Twitter Day!

Remember to head on over to and see what we have going on!! It’s Freaking Big and Right Out There!!

Tomorrow (sept, 6) is Twitter Day!! Will You Join Us?

We had a great turn out for our viewing parties this weekend so thank you to everyone that participated! It’s now Day Five of the Freaking Big Push and that brings us to… TWITTER DAY!

This one is SUPER easy. Just get on – or whatever Twitter widget or software you use – and add #tscc to all of your tweets. Let’s get T:SCC trending on Twitter! If you don’t have a twitter account but want to participate, just sign up! It’s a free service.

Tweet all day long – post on twitter your favorite quotes of SCC, your favorite moments, go ahead and theorize, make SCC conversation with other fans, just tweet hard, tweet fast, and tweet often! And make sure to add #tscc to everything you tweet today. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to follow us to keep up to date on everything Save the SCC.

Also be sure to follow
@theThomasDekker on Twitter and say hello!!

No Fate!!


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