*Update* Thanks so much to m_33, SamG2020, Aelysian & Airofina (In no particular order) for helping me get my first podcast up onto iTunes all in one piece. It was literally a global group effort and I appreciate everyone’s help! Sarah Connor Army Strong, baby!

*NEW* If you would rather stream them rather than download them as mp3’s, you can do so HERE

*Update* Also check out the Regular Podcasts page. I will add more of those as they are made.

Right-click then “save as” TSCC_Commentary_Pilot

Right-click and “save as” TSCC_Commentary_Gnothi_Seauton

Right-click then “save as” TSCC_COMM_THE_TURK.mp3

Right-click then “save as” TSCC_COMM_HeavyMetal

Right-click then “save as” TSCC_COMM_QueensGambit.mp3

Right-click then “save as” TSCC_Commentary_Dungeons_and_Dragons

Right-click and “save as” TSCC_Commentary_BornToRun


24 Responses to “Commentaries”

  1. starkiller99 Says:

    I’m gonna listen in 27 minutes (download time)

  2. 3…2…1… Play !

    Listening to it, enjoy 🙂

  3. starkiller99 Says:

    I guess it meant 27 minutes if I went away and didn’t look at anything else on teh interwebz. 13 more minutes.

  4. No criticism from me, which I know isn’t very helpful so I thought I’d just leave you with some support.

    Nice work! 😉

  5. starkiller99 Says:

    I liked it! The one problem I had with the DVD commentary is I couldn’t run the captions for the show at the same time so this worked out better. Really, turn your captions on when you do the other episodes, it will help. This is something you think about when you get older and buy your TV based on how easy it is to turn on the captions.

  6. I will listen after work. Have early day tomorrow. I miss my vacation already!

    Viva La Resistance!

  7. So this would be best to listen to while watching the episode, right?

    I mean, I know I could listen without watching the eppie but commentaries usually work better when the episode is on too. In which case, it means I’m gonna have to wait a while since I don’t have the episode on me at the moment.

    Definitely looking forward to listening though; I’m sure you did a great job Bo.

    • thesarahconnorcommentaries Says:

      Thanks! Yeah definitely better with the episode but you can do it without and just laugh at how big a nerd I am =P. Entirely up to you =)

  8. Laminaatplaat Says:

    loved it , keep up the great work 🙂 Another good reason to watch again.

  9. GJ! with Pilot! Can’t wait to… ah man… watch ‘born’ again. Darnit.

  10. […] Operation Save Sarah Connor Just another weblog « Quite a bit of news New Sarah Connor Commentaries podcast up June 24, 2009 Cinebo has a new commentary for the episode Born to Run up at his blog. As always check out Bo’s site for the links to both commentaries. Sarah Connor Commentaries […]

  11. Phoenix138 Says:

    Great! Been looking forward to this. In the middle of enjoying it now. Only one comment so far–

    Regarding John Henry:
    John Henry wasn’t inherently built to kill. Cromartie was, but John Henry is an AI that’s just puppeteering a Terminator’s body. As far as what we’re shown for most of season 2 (with the exception of BTR) John Henry’s only “purpose” was to learn and develop.

  12. Two of my girlfriends have never even heard of TSCC. So I thought I would introduce them to Born To Run. Granted it was the last episode but they were really intrigued and now want to watch both Season 1 and 2. Your commentary was fun and enthusiastic. As a devout fan of TSCC I could relate to it on many, many levels. Great job Bo!!

  13. farrapo Says:

    i just listen, im glad i did! 🙂
    watching the episode and listen this, was pretty awesome.
    Dude, i cant accept not having a 3 season to see! this is not a finale you know, its not like its over.
    I hope we fans can have it, the 3 season!

    • thesarahconnorcommentaries Says:

      Thanks so much I’m glad u liked it =) I absolutely am not done fighting for it, nor are the rest of us!

  14. coool, listening to #3 on my iPod now

  15. JUST found out abut these commentarys after the 3 dots 123 podcast.
    will check them out and see what you have to say about the early eps and btr.

    someday…somehow…somewhere …..TSCC will be back !!

  16. Cool! I just came across this and added these commentaries to Zarban’s House of Commentaries, which is a kind of clearinghouse just for audio commentaries for movies and TV available on the web.

  17. I’ve posted them under the Cinebo name: link Welcome!

  18. What a fantastic idea!

    I am currently watching my blu-ray season 2 (I bought a 42inch TV and a player just to watch this show at it’s best), and I am very excited to view them all again with a fan commentary.

    You guys just add to the viewing experience by pointing out numerous cool things that I would never have spotted.

    Keep it up. I love it.

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