The Freaking Big Push!

The time has finally come, SCC fans. It’s well past midnight, Eastern Standard time, and we know you guys have been waiting so patiently for us to pull this together for you. So here it is. We’re ready and we hope you are too.

It’s September 3rd and it’s time to launch The Freaking Big Push.

The campaign is broken down into various missions which will each launch on a specific date throughout the month. We can’t stress enough how important it is that everyone do these things on the same day. The only way to make a real impact is with strong numbers, pushing each avenue together on a daily basis, together.

It relies on you. Yes, you. The Freaking Big Push hinges on fan participation. We need you on the streets, stickering, handing out flyers, hitting twitter, mailing press releases…it goes on and on. We need you, SCC fans. Sarah Connor needs you.

Will you join us?
The Freaking Big Push!

The Freaking Big Giveaway!


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